Looking for something different for your next child's party?

Craft sessions make a great addition to any party, suitable for smaller groups and ideal at home or a hall. We bring along everything you need to create beautiful works of art to take home. If necessary all the children are given aprons, all surfaces used are covered to stop spills and all the mess is taken away at the end of the party.

The Craft Sessions can be a great add-on to the Magic or Disco parties, or a complete party in themselves. You can choose craft session to enhance your party or a complete craft party where the guests can do several projects. *The prices quoted on this website are for craft sessions taken within our standard party and are charged in addition to the cost of our standard party. If you are interested in a complete craft party please go to our sister site Bag A Bear for more information.

Standard Party Bags are full of rubbish and get thrown away as soon as the guests get home!

We have the answer to that problem with our most popular craft session. Each person decorates an item to use instead of a party bag, we have a large range of items, something for all ages. These can be decorated with fabric paint pens, stick on foam shapes and letters, sequins - the options are endless. If you are having a themed party, we can supply stick ons and stencils to suit your theme. You can then pop a piece of birthday cake into their homemade bags and be sure that long after the party is over they will treasure their work of art.

Here are our most popular products that we know are suitable for use as a novel take home gift that will accommodate the birthday cake and magic wand, if you wish to add any extra contents to the items you may need to check they will fit in, measurements have been provided.

denim shoulder bag 18x12cm 2 per person*

drawstring back pack 34x24cm 2.50*

large shoulder bag 43x38cm 2.50 per person*

wiggle eye paper gift bag 1 per person*

mini foam bag 20 x20cm 2 per person*

plastic mug 10cm tall 2 per person*

transparent pencil case 19cm x10cm 2 per person*

keepsake box 15x10.5cm 2 per person*

colour in gift bag 12cmx14cm 1 per person

Birthday cakes are overpriced and often not big enough for the number of guests at the party!

We have a unique alternative to a regular birthday cake. During the magic show we can magically bake a cupcake for each child that the children can decorate with icing and sweets, we can then display the cakes on a beautiful cupcake stand and you can put the birthday candles into the top cake and use this as the birthday cake, each child then takes home the cake they have 'made' themselves.

This craft session costs 75p per person*

There wont be much room for party games, do you have an alternative activity?

Yes!! We can offer a craft activity towards the end of the party to act as a winding down session when space is short. If you are having a girls only party, we can provide a jewellry making craft session. All guests make a beautiful charm bracelet and decorate a trinket box/or bag to take it home in. Boys can decorate a do not disturb hanger and treasure chest. 3 per person*

We can also offer a teddy bear making workshop, each child is supplied with a 10 budget teddy bear skin, which the children stuff and fluff and make their own 5 per person*

I want to give all the guests a thankyou gift but not plastic rubbish that will be dumped

Why not let all the guests decorate a picture frame and during the party you take a digital photo of each guest and the birthday child, before the party ends someone could pop home to print off the photos and put them in the appropriate frame as a lovely going home gift

14cm animal/heart/flower shaped frame 2 per person*

18cm x 14cm craftboard frame 2 per person*

7.5cmx7.5cm mini hanging frame 1 per person*

What can we do to help focus the children at the start of the party while we wait for latecomers?

We also have a range of paper products that can be coloured in with felt tip pens or crayons, which provide an interesting activity while the children are waiting for all the guests to arrive.

crown cut outs 50p per person* children are making their own party hats in effect.

superhero style face masks 50p per person*

Teddy Bear Making Parties

A Bag O Fun's sister company, 'Bag A Bear' also offer fantastic teddy bear making parties, the ULTIMATE in children's craft parties, visit Bag A Bear for more information.

Craft Parties
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