All "A Bag O' Fun" crew...

Are CRB Police Checked with a fully enhanced disclosure.

Are covered with 10million Public Liability Cover.

Confirm your booking in writing, by text or email if possible, to ensure that both sides are clear of what to expect.

Keep their vehicle well maintained and have roadside recovery protection from a national organization.

Have satellite navigation in their vehicle so you can be sure that they will arrive on time.

Have all their electrical appliances P.A.T tested.

Carries out a risk assessment at each and every show.

Would only fail to appear in very extreme circumstances and steps would be taken to find a replacement.

Follow Equity's Children's Entertainer Code of ConductReliable: Be there at the prescribed time and place.Clear: Offer a written confirmation.Knowledgeable: Of children and the craft of entertaining them.Responsible: By insisting that there is a responsible adult present when the entertainer is working.Sensitive, flexible and adaptive: To fit a variety of audience types and complete the job satisfactorily.Safe: With good quality, well maintained props and public liability insurance to 5 million.Value for money: With responsible, fair rates and terms.Professional: Committed to the delivery of a good service as this is a career and a vocation not a hobby.

Planning The Party

At The Party

Dont Forget

Chris meets a very large Owl at a fun day, he looks scared (Chris, not the Owl)!
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