A Bag O Fun Meets Charley Bear And Alex From CBeebies 09 Sep 2011

Click To View Full Size ImageWe at A Bag O Fun are doing a fun day with Charley Bear and Alex from CBeebies on Sunday 11 September 2011! We will try and get photos and add them here if we can.

Late Late Christmas 02 Feb 2011

Click To View Full Size ImageWe had 2 very late Christmas shows last week. They were postponed in December because of the terrible weather so here is a photo of Chris and Bryan at Rugeley Theatre.

We Are The Best Of Cannock 01 Jun 2009

Click To View Full Size ImageA Bag O Fun Entertainments has been listed in the directory 'The Best of Cannock'.

At 'thebestofCannock' every business that is featured has been visited and checked out by the best of team and recommended by other local people, so you can any service listed with confidence knowing that they truly are one of the best at what they do...

Lincoln's 23 May 2009

Click To View Full Size ImageA Bag O Fun were pleased to take part in the opening celebrations of brand new children's clothing shop 'Lincolns' situated in The Light Works Shopping Centre, Hednesford.
Lincoln's stocks quality childrens clothing from aged birth onwards.

An Unusual Advent Calendar 01 Nov 2008

Click To View Full Size ImageIf you are looking for an advent calendar with a difference you should look no further than www.bod-IT.co.uk Lizzie says ' this is a fun and interactive advent calendar with no nasty chocolate surprises, just alot of fun for you and your children'

The 24 days of advent surprises is an advent calendar with a difference!

This package contains fun activities and Christmas
related educational questions for your children,
that can be used from the 1st to the 24th of December.
There are fun activities for all the family and prizes
to be won by Mum, Dad and the children.

Magic On The School Curriculum? 01 Sep 2008

Click To View Full Size ImageMagic tricks should be taught to every school pupil, researchers have concluded. Tests have shown that teaching magic to children boosts their self-confidence and social skills.

The improvements seen in children were so marked that the research team from the University of Hertfordshire called for magic to be added to the national curriculum.

Magic forced them to show self-discipline to master the tricks, problem-solving skills in identifying how tricks worked and likeable behaviour to entertain other people successfully. The overall effect was to enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

A study involved 60 pupils aged between 10 and 12 from two schools in Hertfordshire. They were given magic lessons during Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons.

“Magic School was far more effective than the existing self-esteem and confidence lesson,” Professor Wiseman told the British Association conference in Liverpool.

He said magic encouraged children to look at issues from other people’s perspectives, which he argued could reduce bullying. Because magicians have to know what an audience will look for as it tries to work out how the magic is done, children have to look at a trick from the observer’s point of view.

Professor Wiseman said that magic should be part of the PSHE curriculum: “The improvements we saw were great. Kids love the idea of going to magic school like Harry Potter.

“This is an interesting way of motivating children to think. Solving magic tricks is all about critical thinking. Learning magic requires self-discipline, an understanding of how other people think, and an ability to entertain.

“Unlike playing computer games, it encourages children to interact with their friends and family.

“Because of this, we thought it might be a unique and effective way of developing an important set of psychological skills.”

Lizzie says \"as well as performing magic we have magic workshops available at which children can make and learn magic props and how to perform them\"

Cakes 01 Aug 2008

Click To View Full Size ImageIf you are looking for a special occasion cake, let us introduce to you Kathryn. Dizzy Lizzie met her at a party and they chatted about Kathryn making Lizzies wedding cake. Kathryn came around to Lizzie at home and showed Lizzie her portfolio and discussed ideas etc. Kathryn made a beautiful wedding cake and individual cup cakes that looked stunning.
Lizzie says "anyone needing an individually designed, beautiful tasting and looking cake should visit kathryn's website www.kathrynshomemadecakes.co.uk for super service and a super product. Our cake looked and tasted lovely and I have seen her cakes at many childrens parties where they are always admired by moms and kids alike. Her value for money is excellent and I have not seen such lovely cakes at such a low price, I highly recommend her."

A Bag O' Fun Goes Green! 28 Jan 2008

Click To View Full Size ImageAs Children's Entertainers, A Bag O Fun cares about the future our little ones are going to live in, so, this year to do our little bit for the environment, we are going 'Paper Free' and we encourage all our clients to do the same, where possible we will take payment electronically and, where possible, all booking confirmations and correspondence will be sent via Emai or by text message.

Help us to Help the Environment!

FREE Teddy Bear Workshops 08 Aug 2007

Click To View Full Size ImageA Bag O' Fun's sister company www.bagabear.co.uk are holding FREE Bear Making Workshops throughout the summer holidays at various shopping centres around the West Midlands, including Chemsley Wood, Tamworth and Walsall centres.

Each child can make and keep their very own teddy bear and decorate a birthday cake for there new best friend too!

For times and availabilty contact 'Bag A Bear' on 08000 438123.

Easter Fun At Ikea 06 Apr 2007

Click To View Full Size ImageThe Bag O Fun Team will be running Easter themed workshops at Ikea, Wednesbury on 6th,7th,9th,10th,11th April.
Children will be able to paint or decorate and egg and make Easter hats and masks.
Lizzie says "Ricky Rabbit will be around the store trying to find his buddy The Easter Bunny"

BBC Radio Stoke 04 Apr 2007

Click To View Full Size ImageA Bag O' Fun entertainers Jonti and Ricky will be taking part in BBC Radio Stoke's Happy Appeal.
There are lots of fun filled activities happening throughout the year, go to their websit to find out morehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/stoke/happyappeal
Jonti and Ricky will be teaching circus skills to a group of people at Radio Stoke on 4th April 2007.

National No Smoking Day 14 Mar 2007

Click To View Full Size ImageA Bag O' Fun took part in National No Smoking Day this year in The Wulfrun Centre, Wolverhampton. They made white flower balloon models as this is the symbol of the no smoking campaign.
Jonti says 'We had a great time chatting to the people of wolverhampton, on the day many people took the plunge to committ to giving up and we met many people who were already on the program and had given up successfully'
If you would like help or advice on giving up smoking, go to the website ://www.nosmokingday.org.uk/corporate/whatisnsd.htm

KFC & MAGIC 25 Mar 2006

Click To View Full Size ImageFast food giant KFC have joined with Marvins Magic for its latest promotion. Kids willbe getting a cool Marvins Magic Trick with their meals. Jonti says 'I am not sure that promoting magic with such an unhealthy food item is a good thing. However, the fact that magic is being promoted to children is great as it is such a brilliant hobby to get into'
Performing magic teaches children confidence in public speaking, in expressing themselves and boosts their self esteem when their peers see them as something special because they appear to have magical abilities.

Healthy Eating Show 01 Mar 2006

Click To View Full Size ImageHealthy eating is currently a major topic on the news and in schools. Moms know what they should be feeding their children to keep them healthy and that their child needs plenty of exercise to stay fit, but getting the children to see things the same way is a difficult task. With this in mind A BAG O FUN has been asked by Sure Start to create a funny, interactive and entertaining show to promote healthy eating and living amongst children.
Before developing the show, Lizzie and Jonti researched into why child obesity is a serious problem. Children who are overweight tend to grow up into adults who are overweight. They therefore have a higher risk of developing serious health problems in later life. Overweight children are often teased about their appearance and this affects confidence and self-esteem. The number of overweight and obese children in the UK has risen steadily over the past 20 years. This is now a major health concern. Most children put on excess weight because their lifestyles include an unhealthy diet and a lack of physical activity.
Lizzie’s says ‘our healthy eating show is Magic with a Message. It will encourage children to eat a rainbow every day, choose 5 a day and choose the right options at meal times. It will prove that fizzy drinks are bad for us. It will encourage everybody to get active and get healthy in a fun and exciting way.’
The show is suitable for schools, nurseries and educational environments but A BAG O FUN has a range of shows suitable for private parties and other events.

Balloonatics! 01 Sep 2005

Click To View Full Size ImageA BAG O FUN has introduced a range of hands on workshops during which children can learn the basics of a new skill. Balloon modelling is great fun and with a little bit of patience children can be making their own balloon animals.
A BAG O FUN can offer this workshop to schools or as an added extra to her birthday party package. All materials are included within the price and children get to take home their creations. Some children grasp the concept quicker than others and they then help the ones who need a little longer. Jonti says 'Some children are really frightened to twist the balloon at first as they think it wil pop and frighten them - we manage to calm them and encourage them to twist away - the satisfaction on a chid's face when they have made their own animal is priceless'

Harry Potter Book Launch 16 Jul 2005

Click To View Full Size ImageShops all around the country stayed open all night to launch the much awaited 5th Harry Potter Book. A BAG O FUN performed wizardry in the Wolverhampton Asda store, accompanied by Hedbig the owl and Marco the dragon. Jonti says "It is illegal to keep a real live dragon so we are hoping that nobody noticed Marco at the Harry Potter book launch. The store was so busy with people buying up their books that it is unlikely we will be reported to The Ministry of Magic for owning such a creature"

Magic Stamps 15 Feb 2005

Click To View Full Size ImageIn one months time on the 15th March, to celebrate the centenery of The Magic Circle, The Royal Mail are releasing a set of magic inspired stamps. Each stamp will perform a simple trick.

Schools Ban! 15 Feb 2005

Click To View Full Size ImageWe are currently hearing alot in the news about teachers not being willing to take pupils on school trips for fear of being sued should something go wrong. However it is not just school trips that teachers are worried about, the fear of being sued is apparent in school time too with sad consequences for children.

This week A BAG O FUN was told by a nursery school that we could not give balloons to any children due to the concern with latex allergies and choking. According to records, no children had the allergy, the school was simply taking precautions. We were gobsmacked, 'I had to leave the balloons in a separate room and the children were not allowed to touch the balloons until their parents came. I have worked at parties where a child has a latex allergy or has been afraid of balloons but this seemed a very extreme precaution to take. Surely parents would notify staff if there could be a problem. It could be the end of children's entertaining as we know it, which is very sad - most children love balloons - of course the customer is always right and I am always happy to comply with the customers requirements'

Of course for people with a latex allergy the risk is severe. Even after the balloons are out of the way, the fumes they give out linger for some time after and it is the fumes that cause the problems.

It does make you wonder whatever next, banning rubber bands in schools due to the risk of latex allergies or banning pencils due to potential lead poisoning?

Dick And Dom Scandal 01 Feb 2005

Click To View Full Size ImageThere has been serious debating amongst government officials about the suitability of the kids TV show Dick and Dom in the Bungalow. They claim that it is too trashy and not educational enough to be shown on BBC TV to millions of young viewers. Lizzie says 'Of course education is important but so is letting your hair down and having fun. Our kids work so hard during the week at school that they should be allowed to take a break at the weekend and if they want to watch trashy tv like Dick and Dom, they should be allowed. They can always turn over if they don't enjoy it. Personally, I love it, it is my favourite tv show and only have one small complaint, it is on at weekends when I have to go out to work so I only manage to see an hour or so of it. One of my my most popular shows is based on Saturday morning TV Shows with custard pies, crazy challenges and lots of silliness - I say long live daft shows like this - I love it!'
Dick and Dom are up fo an award at this years BAFTA's. They have been nominated for best presenter and best entertainment show. This proves that kids love the 'lavatorial' content and dizzy lizzie thinks Dick and Dom rule!!!

Rabbit In Retirement 01 Sep 2004

Click To View Full Size ImageDizzy Lizzie has decided to retire her beautiful rabbit Trixie after using her in the show for only 4 months. Lizzie says 'Some mums thought it was cruel to use a live rabbit, however I was confident that Trixie was happy in her work and well cared for. However, a child smacked her hard on the back on one occasion for no apparent reason and then I knew that no matter how well I looked after her I could not be sure that she was totally safe - and as an animal lover I decided to stop using the live rabbit. Fortunately bookers know that I have a good show and that they are going to get a top event with or without a live bunny!'
Trixie now lives happily in a 8x10ft wendy house all by herself and is a lady of leisure. Cared for by Lizzie's daughter Emma.

A Busy Few Months And A New Member Of The Team. 02 Feb 2001

Click To View Full Size ImagePhew, it's been a busy few months, we were flat out in December!

We have a new member on the team called Nathan, he started a couple of weeks ago and has settled in quickly.

We had 2 late late Christmas parties last week (they were postponed due to the snow), here is a photo of us (Chris and Bryan)at Rugeley Theatre before one of them.

A Bag O Fun Meets Charley Bear And Alex From CBeebies 01 Jan 2001

Click To View Full Size ImageA Bag O Fun are doing a family fun day with Little Charley bear and Alex from CBeebies this Sunday, we will get piccies if we can!!

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